Thursday, May 29, 2014


    I LOVE THIS WEATHER!  My computer is right next to a window so I can feel the warm breezes come through as I work and look out over the pond and nature.  When my grandchildren were down over Mother's Day, they picked out all my flowers and did some planting for me and it all looks great! 
    I am getting my fall line ready.  I am SO excited, I have a booth at the Mpls Mart temporary wholesale show in August!!!!!  I am now repping myself, so Jerry and I will also "go on the road" over the summer also.  I will have a ton of new designs, new palette, AND now in FRAMES!  From 3.5"x 5" to 11"x14" and in various styles and finishes.
    Here are two of them:


framed in dark oak mission style frame 5"x12"
                                                 xoxo lauriejeanne

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