Saturday, April 26, 2014

new art

Newest ones - great for graduation presents!




I'm really loving this spring weather!  Not too cold, not too hot.  It's good to get back out in my gardens - I need to get all the leaves out.  I vacuum them up which shreds them up and then use them again as mulch.  I am for sure going to put Preen on so I don't have to do so much weeding.  This year I am going to get back to planting my everlastings which I dry and sell in bunches.  I haven't done that for about 3 years, so this is the year I do it.  Artemesia, Sweet Annie, larkspur, nigella, poppies, giant hyssop, I also grow lots of herbs both for cooking and dried bunches for crafts - sage, thyme, lambs ears, oregano, cilantro.  I never have any luck with rosemary.  I'm just itchin' to get to the local garden center!  I grow a lot of the unusual things from seed.  I'll post pics of my gardens for sure!
xoxo lauriejeanne 
xoxo lauriejeanne

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