Thursday, February 13, 2014


My granddaughters loved their new canvases for their room!  then again, they have to - I am their grandma after all!  Fun fun time visiting them all.  They live up north so I don't get to see them as often as I want.  Love them SO much!

I'm getting ready for my big shows this Spring - Majestic Oaks and Candleberry Boutiques and the Canterbury Spring Show!  Super excited about Canterbury, March 28,29, 30 - my first time there and it is a juried show.  I'll know my Booth # soon, and I'll post more info soon.  The first show of the season is Majestic Oaks - March 12-23.  Candleberry follows in April.  More info later.  Working on new art and will be selling large originals.  These 3 are 16x16. (I'll make them into smaller prints)


I cannot wait for Spring!  Starting to plan my gardens too.  I have 6 blueberry bushes that haven't produced so one job is to transplant them.  I'll be doing lots of transplanting and dividing this year.  More soon,  xox lauriejeanne

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