Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Dear Friends,  this is a greatly needed cause.  I often think that my son Brian could've been one of these homeless kids.  Not because of "tough love", but because of his illness.  He was being treated for depression and was on Paxil (which is another story) and died by suicide when he was just 18.  (18 years ago)  I now believe he was bi polar.  And the funny thing is, weeks before I saw Lori Miller from Round Barn Potting Company's post about her fundraiser for Hope 4 Youth, I had a couple of dreams about where Brian was still alive and then all of a sudden it was like wait a minute, where is Brian? I haven't seen him for awhile.    His friends finally told me where he was and I went to this shelter where I saw him surrounded by other kids his age, getting a hot meal, and he was happy.   I now think God was telling me about this cause and to somehow get involved.  I donated a bunch of comforters, clothing,  and this painting which I created especially for them.
It is a 20" x 20" stretched canvas and they are going to put it in "a place of honor" where everyone who walks through their door can read it.
Their address in 2665 4th Avenue No, Anoka, 55303 behind the old milk factory.  Phone # is 763.323.2066.  Their website is:
xoxo lauriejeanne

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