Friday, May 17, 2013

Bird Love

I was sitting on my porch swing on the side deck this morning and I saw so many different and pretty birds!  Scarlet Tanagers -  the most vivid red - almost fluorescent!  Gold Finches - again the most vivid lemon yellow.  Also Bluebirds and Robins.  Fun to see them flitting all about-  male, female and babies.  I decided I'm going to put up a couple of bird feeders.  We already have a Hummingbird feeder that I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the tiny hummers. 
As I'm writing this, I'm sitting next to an open window and can hear them singing away!
I have 2 more wholesale orders to get out and then will work on new girls and art for the wholesale show June 2 - 4. I'll give a sneak peak  in about week or so.
xoxo lauriejeanne 


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