Thursday, February 7, 2013


This is my first canvas I did with beeswax about 4 years ago.  I made it in memory of my son, Brian.  I love working with beeswax, but haven't done anything with this medium for some time. 

It reads  "In the arms of an angel may you find some comfort there."
I used vintage buttons, my Grandmas's brooch, papers, wire, rhinestones, and acrylic paints.
this piece is very special to me
I am finishing up with my wholesale orders and getting them all shipped out.  I'm in The General Store of Minnetonka among others here in Minnesota, and in North Dakota and Wisconsin.  So exciting!!!  And NOW, I am getting ready for The SPRING SHOW in March!!!  I'll have NEW Girls and NEW Messages!  I'll keep you posted with a sneak peek! 
XOXO, lauriejeanne

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